The Tax Strategy of being a Real Estate Professional

I’m often surprised how many taxpayers get fixated on being a Real Estate Professional as their primary tax-planning goal, while others avoid it like the plague. Yet, there are still others that don’t even know what the fuss is all about.

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Putting Your Children on Payroll

This has to be one of the most under utilized tax strategies by small business owners with families today. Many don’t realize that paying their children under age 18 is an excellent strategy to minimize their tax liability, not to mention it creates a host of other ancillary benefits.

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The Truth about Umbrella Insurance

So is umbrella insurance inherently bad, a scam or worthless. No. But, is it for everyone? Another absolutely not! But heaven forbid insurance companies let anyone else say otherwise.

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Maximizing the Home Office Deduction

The Home Office Deduction is still alive and well…don’t let any accountant tell you otherwise. There are several strategies on how to maximize the Home Office Deduction. It is NOT high risk and every good business owners should take advantage of a home office write-off.

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