The Truth about Umbrella Insurance

So is umbrella insurance inherently bad, a scam or worthless. No. But, is it for everyone? Another absolutely not! But heaven forbid insurance companies let anyone else say otherwise.

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The Auto Deduction in 2018 – Mileage or Actual?

The law has changed in 2018 – Big time!! Things got a lot better for business owners with cars/autos…if not AT THE LEAST you have a lot more options. You can actually write-off a vehicle at lot faster and with bigger deductions!

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Maximizing the Home Office Deduction

The Home Office Deduction is still alive and well…don’t let any accountant tell you otherwise. There are several strategies on how to maximize the Home Office Deduction. It is NOT high risk and every good business owners should take advantage of a home office write-off.

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What is a Registered Agent

Since an LLC or Corporation is not an individual, it cannot have process served on it unless someone is appointed to serve as an ‘agent’ for the company. All 50 states require that such a person be appointed- This person is the Registered Agent.

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When Should You put Your Spouse on Payroll?

Many clients rush to put their spouse on payroll, but for the wrong reasons and it could actually be a costly mistake. Essentially, there are 3 situations when business owners may put their spouse on payroll and not all of them make sense.

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