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Set Up an LLC

Get your entity set up by our amazing team that does over 4,000 entities a year! Know that your LLC is set up correctly by providing maximum asset protection.

Retirement Strategies

Take Control Of Your Retirement by investing in what you know! Roll over or fund your retirement account today. To set up your account, speak with one of our 5-star representatives, or learn more, click the button below.

Business Entity Structure Consult​

Take your tax & legal game to the next level, by getting your trifecta and an entity set up by one of our tax attorneys. If you’re looking to save on taxes and improve your asset protection this is the perfect service for you!

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Certifications & Education

Main Street Business Tax Professional Certification

100+ Hours of Training

Turbocharge your tax consultation and prep services by learning the kick-ass techniques we use daily. The package includes over 100 hours of finely-tuned course videos, invaluable white paper resources, and a professional tax network we maintain. All of which will give you more clients and the ability to provide the best services you possibly can. This is the easiest decision you have ever made in your ongoing education strategy!

Every tax professional wants this certification because:

  • It includes 100+ Hours of the best tax training available!
  • You will be listed on the tax network (used by thousands of business owners every week)!
  • You get weekly training by Mark Kohler himself!
  • You get free tickets to the semi-annual tax strategy conferences!
  • You get Mark’s entire printed library to keep and refer to!
  • You get access to a network of hundreds of other tax professionals to answer your questions and share new and cutting-edge strategies.