about-markDear Media Professional,

I am convinced that millions of Americans are starving for tax and legal information that makes sense; they just don’t know where to turn. Taxes don’t have to be boring or too complex, and legal discussions can actually be energizing and empowering!

I teach these principles in a fun and easy to understand format that make people smile and give them the tools they need to change their lives immediately. Tax and legal planning is the stepping stone to saving on the #1 cost in our lives and protecting our assets from potential lawsuits or waste.

The American Dream is still real and available to those that are searching and want to make a difference in our society and economy. I speak about this in layman’s terms and bring this topic alive on stage or in a TV or radio interview. My clients, followers and students are a testament to the fact that I can truly make an impact in people’s lives.

Please let me know what I can do to share this message with you, whether through interviews or articles. I truly hope we can work together to let ordinary people know that the American Dream is still a possibility in their lives.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Kohler
Mark J. Kohler

Attorney, CPA, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host

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