How Much Should I Send in with My Extension?

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But what if you STILL owe taxes for whatever reason and the May 17th deadline is really concerning you?  Here’s what you need to do in order to minimize any penalties and interest.

How to Maintain My S-Corporation

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The S-Corporation can be a powerful structure and tool to save on self-employment taxes and can also protect a business owner’s personal assets from lawsuits that may arise from their operations.

When to use an S-Corporation

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Don’t underestimate the power of the S Corp and get a second opinion if anyone says an S Corp isn’t the best fit.

Is the Single Member LLC a Solution for Me?

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Single-Member LLC’s have their place in the spectrum of business entity choices, and whether such an entity is right for you will depend on the details of your own personal situation.

How Many Properties Should I Put in My LLC?

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I truly believe that an LLC for every rental property isn’t needed for the far majority of real estate investors.  It’s expensive, cumbersome and provides nominal benefit when there’s not a lot of equity in their rentals….yet!!

What to do If I can’t pay my Taxes by October 15th

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So many people think all is lost when they can’t pay their taxes by October 15th and just decide not to file. The worst thing you can do on October 15th, is throw up your arms in exasperation and not file!! This is when things can quickly go from bad to worse. There are also several strategies to pay the taxes and keep the IRS off your back and not knocking on your front door.