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What is the
Tax Advisor Network?

Our mission with this network is to help Business Owners, find a Certified Tax Advisor, and better save taxes, build wealth and protect your assets.

You may need some help with tax preparation or have questions about how to maximize tax write-offs. It’s hard enough finding somebody to answer tax questions, but then can you even trust the people you find?

We certify each tax professional on our network and connect business professionals to the right fit.

What Tax Advisors are Specialized In?

Where Business Owners connect with a 

Main Street Certified Tax Advisor,

anywhere in the Country,  

to help them better live  the American Dream!

Are you a tax pro, wanting to learn CUTTING-EDGE Tax Strategies?

Do you want to JOIN the Certified Tax Network and have clients coming to YOU?

Mark J Kohler has a new Certification & Membership to make you unstoppable!

Why work with a
"Main Street
Certified Tax Advisor"?

A Main Street Certified Tax Advisor is like a Jet Fighter Pilot compared to your typical, crop duster CPA.

These tax professionals have diligently trained for many hours directly with Mark J Kohler, in order to learn the very best tax strategies. These professionals train with Mark weekly.

Advisors have to learn, train, and prove that they know the very best tax strategies, in order to become a Certified Tax Advisor. Once Certified, they are placed on the Tax Advisor Network.

These Certified Tax Advisors have gained Mark’s trust, and are ready to take on your unique business Tax & Legal needs.

Want to Advise Clients Better on AdvanceD Tax Strategies?
And be on the Tax Advisor Network?