This poll is one of the toughest Every colour is so cute. Ultimately, I voted the Fusain because I think it is the easiest to match with ke at least mine. louis vuitton luggage,

Although I think a mono is always the best first choice for your very first LV, what better way to represent a "wedding" than with an azur!! louis vuitton bags


Hubby asked me a question that made me bite my nails today.... "For Christmas, do you want a new car stereo or a purse?" I really do have a cruddy standard car stereo and commute is 20+ minute each way... ... But... OMG another purse? I am leaning toward purse and I want a white one. So my question is would you choose the cream color inspiree (empreinte line) or Epi Alma Ivorie or maybe Brea MM Ivo