How Short-Term Rentals are Taxed

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More and more real estate investors are adding ‘short-term rental’ properties to their portfolios and with a lot of success. However, many still have questions about where to place them in their tax and legal structure.

How to Maintain My S-Corporation

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The S-Corporation can be a powerful structure and tool to save on self-employment taxes and can also protect a business owner’s personal assets from lawsuits that may arise from their operations.

Top 10 Ways to Avoid an IRS Audit

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Here is a list of the TOP 10 things TO do, or NOT do, in order to avoid an audit with the IRS. As many of you can imagine, an audit can be expensive and time-consuming, not to mention, emotionally draining experience. Please take these to heart.

The Magic of the Mega Backdoor Roth

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Don’t get me wrong, the Mega Roth is amazing, but I would suggest you don’t even think about it unless you’ve seriously considered the other strategies above AND have an extra 50k+ to set aside for savings without the need for a current tax deduction.

How a Small Business Saves Taxes and Builds True Wealth

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I’m not proposing setting up any sort of business to simply lose money for tax write-offs, but to build a business that allows you to make more money, and save taxes by writing things off you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

The Power of the Health Savings Account (“HSA”)

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The Health Savings Account is one of the most powerful pieces of a well designed health care strategy. It includes saving money, saving taxes, building a tax-free ‘bucket’ for health care and most importantly taking control of your own health care strategy.

Should I put My Spouse on Payroll?

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Now although there are reasons not to put your spouse on payroll, I would argue there are two (2) GOOD REASONS to put a spouse on payroll before year-end. Both of these strategies create great excellent tax deductions and good use of money

Estate Planning for Your Pets

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The Trust creates a structure so that the money is bestowed to the Guardian of your pet in a proper manner with rules and guidelines

Paying your Grandchildren in the Business

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If completed properly, the end result is that you will accomplish 5 amazing financial benefits when your grandchildren legitimately work with their parents helping you in your business!