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Our events are a POWERFUL way to take control of your business. Our goal is to change America’s outlook on Tax and Legal strategy and planning!

Believe it or not, Tax and Legal can be SEXY! 

If you are a business owner looking to take your tax and legal game to the next level, you NEED to attend an event this year.

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These events will help you make more money, improve your customer satisfaction, and grow your business.

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tax advisors bootcamp

Tax Advisors Bootcamp

August 29th, 2023

This one-day event is going to be practical, strategy-packed, and full of game-changing strategies for EVERY tax professional. If you are making money in the tax or financial industry you NEED to attend this Bootcamp.

Real Estate Tax Summit

May 25th, 2023

Learn EVERY tax strategy, from simple to complex, for real estate investors. If you or your clients make money in real estate, this Summit will save you THOUSANDS in taxes.

year end tax strategy conference

Year-End Tax Strategy Conference

Nov 30th - Dec 2nd

This 3-day conference will be our biggest event of the year! More details will be announced soon, sign-up to be notified when tickets go on sale!

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Whether you’re looking to learn more about tax planning, real estate investing, or asset protection strategies, we have something for everyone. 

Our events are designed to provide practical advice and real-world examples to help you achieve your financial goals. Take a look at our timeline below and mark your calendar for the events that interest you.

We can’t wait to see you there!

May 25

Real Estate Tax Summit

Nov 30 - Dec 2

Year-End Tax Strategy Conference

August 29

Tax Advisor Bootcamp

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