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Hi! I’m Scott McLaine, the host of the BrightWealth® Show and I am the Managing Partner of BrightAdvisor®.

BrightWealth® publishes financial education videos and hosts live events. BrightAdvisor® delivers world class financial services to everyday working Americans.

I have published hundreds of financial education videos with millions of views. I teach everything from the basics of personal finance, retirement accounts, active investing, to advanced tax savings loopholes and strategies for business owners and high network households.

My speciality is financial planning and tax strategies for High Net-worth Households and growing businesses.

Currently, our team has helped millions of people with our content, trained thousands of professionals on finance, performed hundreds of workshops for companies, and provided financial education for hundreds of thousands of people online … and have empowered many, many individuals and families to create their IncomeForever™ Retirement, so they never have an out of money experience.   

I would love the Opportunity to take a look at your situation and see what we can do.


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Scott McLaine


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