Catherine Donat

Currently Taking Online & In-Person Clients

25+ Years of Experience
Associate’s in

Main Street
Certified Tax Advisor

Accountant, Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer

1-4 Person Firm




I am a Solo-preneur in the Accounting/Tax Prep/Payroll field. I started in public accounting, ventured to private accounting for sales/manufacturing before starting my own accounting office in 2010. Throughout my career I have gained extensive knowledge in accounting practice, tax preparation, and customer relations. I love the mechanics of the field, how everything looks like a big puzzle and it’s my job to bring the picture together making the final product a cohesive and thorough set of financial statements that flow easily to tax preparation.
I am a Quickbooks Proadvisor but have worked with many accounting and data base systems.
I have an Associates Degree in Accounting, have prepared taxes for 30+ years, and am a Certified Tax Advisor. My ideal client is one with a huge bookkeeping dilemma/mess that needs help bringing things all together. I also enjoy collaborating with others in the field and adding my strengths to a caring, ethical, and diligent team who strive to offer – and provide – the best service possible to clients chasing their own dreams of financial security and freedom.
I currently do bookkeeping. payroll services, sales tax reporting, and income tax preparation for individuals, companies and non-profits. My work is 90% done remotely as I do like to travel out of Northern Minnesota during the cold months. With the help of invaluable Virtual Assistants I am able to do so with ease. I also find it very helpful to visit the client site, if feasible, to see operations so I can offer insight or to bring more understanding to the set of books I’m working with.


Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax Reporting




Catherine Donat



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