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Rosa Anguiano-Garcia

Tax Advising

Mom Entrepreneur Real Estate Investor Business Owner Consultant Accountant Tax Plan Practitioner and Enrolled Agent. 34 years in the small business arena. I challenge myself daily and I am hungry for new knowledge everyday. I am self developed and hands on trained in the areas mentioned. I am passionate in helping small business start-ups , grow, and fulfill their personal and business goals. I love working with small business and real estate colleagues. I love helping people learn and earn double digit returns using Real Estate and along with that applying tax strategies to retain the most from our hard earned revenue. The abundance in the world is there for all of us, its a matter of being open minded and surrounding ourselfs with like minded people to trigger ideas, support each other, and build each other.
Action! that is the magic word, when we take action we become unstoppable!

Kenneth Feyers

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping

I’m Kenneth S. Feyers, a dynamic financial expert with over two decades of dedicated experience in the tax and financial services industry. Co-founding a thriving Tax and Financial Service office, I’ve honed my expertise in crafting innovative Tax Strategies, consistently delivering substantial results for businesses and families. This specialization has established me as a leading authority, known for devising tax solutions that lead to significant financial gains.

Beyond my professional accomplishments, I find immense fulfillment in actively participating in church activities and community service. These experiences have reinforced my belief in the power of collective action to make substantial positive changes in the lives of individuals and entire communities.

With a marriage of 38 years and three accomplished sons – Joshua, Jacob, and Jesse – family values run deep in my journey. They serve as a testament to the strength and support that have shaped my personal and professional life. Looking ahead, I’m committed to not only maintaining but amplifying our track record of delivering big results through innovative Tax Strategies. Whether it’s strategic financial planning or expert tax-saving approaches, count on us to lead you towards substantial financial gains.

For transformative financial advice and innovative Tax Strategies that lead to significant results, reach out today. You can contact me at (954) 326-6979 or via email at [email protected].

Amber Gabourel

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll

I’m Amber The Tax Lady, and I bring over two decades of expertise to the world of taxes, specializing in tax savings and relieving the burden of tax debt. My journey started as an Auditor, examining Connecticut nursing homes and Medicaid audits. I then honed my skills at respected CPA firms and commercial tax entities across the state. It was a natural progression for me to pursue my license as an IRS Enrolled Agent. As an IRS Enrolled Agent, I stand among the elite group of tax professionals recognized by the IRS for their expertise in taxation and representation.

My passion for taxes ignited during my teenage years when I prepared my return. This passion led me to earn an Accounting degree and an honors MBA. In 2012, a pivotal moment in my career propelled me to establish Whitehead Tax and Financial Services, LLC. Since then, my firm has excelled in helping individuals and small businesses save significantly on taxes, often saving small business owners an average of $15,000 and providing relief from over $100,000 in tax debt.

My unique talent lies in simplifying complex tax concepts, ensuring my clients fully comprehend their tax situations. I’ve shared my tax expertise as a guest tax expert on CT NBC and a guest speaker at educational institutions. My vision is to continually expand my firm’s services, offering comprehensive solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. Whether you’re seeking substantial tax savings or relief from tax debt, rest assured, I’m here to be your trusted partner on the journey to financial freedom and peace of mind.

I would love to connect with you! Please use the link below to book your complimentary consultation:

Jhoslen Muniz

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll

Hey there! My name is Jhoslen Muniz and I’m passionate about helping clients with wealth building and tax-saving strategies. With over 20 years of experience in financial planning, budgeting, and analysis for Fortune 500 and mid-size companies, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

As a CPA and Certified Tax Advisor, I’m dedicated to helping clients build legacies while honoring their values. Being a small business owner and real estate broker/investor myself, I understand the challenges you face. That’s why I founded JMuniz CPA, LLC—to empower small business owners like you to be proactive, turn risks into opportunities, and achieve thriving businesses.

Our specialty is on advisory services that address the aspects of your business and finances that matter most to you, whether that involves increasing profits, optimizing cash flow, implementing tax-efficient strategies, or building wealth. Furthermore, we are available to offer assistance with your accounting and compliance needs, but it’s important to note that we do not offer these services as standalone options.

🚀 Elevate Your Business with Expert Advisory Services! 🚀

📈 Increase Profits
💰 Optimize Cash Flow
💡 Implement Tax-Efficient Strategies
🏦 Build Wealth

Tailored solutions to drive your success!
🔒 Compliance Assistance included.
🚫 No standalone accounting or compliance services.

Ready to boost your business?

Let’s work together to make your financial data work for you and make informed decisions that lead to success.

Yvette D. Best

Yvette Best

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Legal

Yvette D. Best is a seasoned accounting professional with over three decades of experience in the field. She is a four-time best-selling author, an IRS Enrolled Agent, and a Certified Tax Coach with a passion for providing tax-saving strategies to small business owners. Yvette has an MBA degree from Belhaven University and has established a reputation as a tax and business expert in the industry.

Yvette is known for turning employees into leaders and helping them develop a 7-figure lifestyle.

As an IRS Enrolled Agent federally licensed by the U.S. Department of Treasury, Yvette has unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states. Her boutique woman-led accounting firm, Best Tax Solutions LLC, helps small businesses and individuals stay IRS and state-compliant while increasing their net profits. Originally from New York, Yvette has been living in Fayetteville, GA, since 2011, enjoying a live-work-play lifestyle.

Check out Google Business Profile and read our reviews — https://goo.gl/maps/EMMw5BfrK7YMGu9w6

Aaron Siegel

Tax Prep, Tax Advising

I’m Aaron Siegel, an Enrolled Agent (EA) and a Main Street Certified Tax Advisor, deeply passionate about helping business owners succeed. With an MBA in Operations Management and decades of experience spanning the public and private sectors, I bring a strategic approach to tax management.

As a Main Street Certified Tax Advisor, bolstered by additional credentials in personal financial coaching, my focus is on providing holistic, strategy-driven advice. My aim is to empower my clients to grow their businesses and build enduring wealth. With a proactive approach to tax oversight and a dedication to personalized service, I strive to be a trusted advisor.

I believe that tax compliance is the bedrock of a sound financial foundation. To keep my clients always ahead of the curve, I offer innovative services like Transcript Watch, which provides weekly IRS status updates, and I include $1 Million Tax Audit Defense™ coverage with each return I prepare.

When you work with me, expect more than just tax preparation. I’m committed to being your strategic partner in achieving financial success.

Donald Hayden

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Services, Insurance

At Private Tax Solutions, we are dedicated to calculating and interpreting your finances accurately and leveraging them toward greater gains. Our accounting firm has the knowledge, devotion, and skill to optimize your financial systems, save you money, and best prepare you for IRS compliance.

Our Salt Lake City accounting firm has the expertise and hardworking values to help maximize your business numbers and streamline your bookkeeping and payroll systems.

We work to deliver a hands-on approach to our services, minimizing your tax liabilities while optimizing your bookkeeping and payroll systems. Our accounting firm has successfully aided numerous local businesses and professionals in real estate, law, medical professions, and many more. Additionally, we aid individuals with an IRA trust investing in real estate and cryptocurrency.

Whether you require expert tax preparation during filing season or need guidance throughout the year in making prudent financial decisions, we have you covered.

Our dedicated CPAs are ready and able to effectively help you achieve optimal financial standing and have a rewarding tax season. Take the first step today by scheduling a consultation with one of our team!

Mande Clark

Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Services, Sales Tax Reporting

Texas born and raised, I am a Main Street Certified Tax Advisor. I have honed my expertise to empower individuals with small businesses. In 2018, I earned a certificate in Commercial Real Estate Development from Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business. I further expanded my knowledge by completing the Financial Coach Master Training program with Dave Ramsey and the Financial Counselor program through AFCPE.

As a recognized authority in my field, I had the privilege to teach on Cost Segregation at the esteemed Real Estate Tax Summit (https://realestatetaxsummit.com) and Tax and Legal 360 Conference (https://www.taxandlegal360.com).

My diverse skill set enables me to offer comprehensive services in tax strategy, business consulting, and financial coaching.

If you are a small business owner seeking to expand your wealth and achieve financial success, schedule a discovery call with me today!

Gary C. Scott

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping

I am the founder and Principal Advisor of GCS & Associates Financial Services, LLC. I am also the visionary behind Concentric Planning and Advisory Solutions (dba), a blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches to consulting and advising clients regarding their accounting, tax, and finance matters. I have worked for both small and regional sized CPA firms serving clients while working through the ranks of Staff Accountant to Tax Manager, and on to Small Business Advisor. I have over two decades of experience in public accounting, working primarily with small businesses and individuals to improve accounting systems, manage cash flow, and maximize tax savings and profitability.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Peirce College, and have a Master’s Degree in Accounting with a dual concentration in Tax and Finance from Purdue University Global. I am enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, holding the designation of Enrolled Agent (EA) which also permits me to represent clients in resolving tax matters. I complement my skills and knowledge through continuing education which is also mandated to maintain my designation as well as memberships in various accounting associations.

While serving as outsourced CFO or Tax Advisor to hundreds of individuals and small businesses over the span of my career, I have been instrumental in streamlining organizations’ accounting systems and practices; authoring, implementing, and overseeing companies’ financial policies and procedures; creating processes for forecasting and measuring financial performance; assisting with compliance and operations; and developing tax strategies to save businesses and business owners tens of thousands of dollars each year. On average, entrepreneurs working with my firm have experienced increased profitability and/ or a reduction in annual income tax liabilities of 10-40%. Contact me if you are ready to take the next step to accumulating and protecting your wealth.

Carlos D. Hurst

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Insurance, Sales Tax Reporting

Hello and God bless you. My name is Carlos D. Hurst and I am Vice-President at Freedomtax Accounting. Since 2000, I have been an entrepreneur, and in 2012 I started working at Freedomtax Accounting. We are a full service tax accounting firm, with a team of CPA’s, EA’s, Tax Preparers, and Bookkeepers. Our owner has more than 40+ years of experience in the tax accounting world and has done his best to share his vast knowledge to us.

I don’t just consider myself a Certified Tax Advisor, but due to my experience in marketing, business administration, and business consulting, I am passionate about helping small business owners start, grow, optimize their business, and achieve financial freedom.

Freedomtax Accounting provides the following services:

– Tax Planning
– Corporate Tax Preparation
– Personal Tax Preparation
– Bookkeeping & Payroll
– IRS Tax Audit Representation
– FIRPTA Withholding Certificates
– ITIN Number Applications For Foreign Nationals
– Ane more…

Freedomtax Accounting is part of Freedom Group, which is a conglomerate of 4 businesses, that not only offers tax accounting solutions, but thru Freedom Immigration, Freedom Insurance, and Freedom Realty Source, we can help in any insurance, immigration, and real estate needs you may have.



Looking forward to talking with you soon.

God bless you.

Pamela Ferguson

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Insurance

Pamela Ferguson is a Tax Advisor based in Dallas, TX and serving virtually across America. Pamela Ferguson can assist you with legally lowering tax liabilities along with retirement planning. She has serviced individuals and business owners since 2003 and loves what she does. Each day she strives to improve in all aspects and become a better resource for her clients by doing so.

Rachel Stanhope

Tax Advising, Financial Services, Insurance

Hi, I’m Rachel Stanhope from Legacy Gen Advisors. As a dedicated Air Force retiree with a rich background in logistics and project management, I’ve made it my mission to find tailored, economical solutions for everyone I work with. My commitment lies in ensuring your money works hard for you, with minimal waste on unnecessary expenses like excessive insurance costs or IRS fees. I hold all necessary licenses and certifications.

Teaming up with premier CPAs and the esteemed Mark Kohler’s team, I’ve consistently helped businesses reduce tax liabilities using niche tax codes. Here’s a snapshot of how I can support you:

-Tax Strategies: Leveraging all areas of the tax code to optimize your savings.
-Financial & Retirement Planning: Crafting a roadmap for a secure financial future.
-Retirement Plan Reviews for Performance and Compliance: Retirement plans are subject to annual testing to ensure that the amount of contributions made on behalf of rank-and-file employees is proportional to contributions made on behalf of owners and managers.
-Health & Life Insurance: Customized plans tailored to your requirements and budget. —-Providing you with a competitive edge to attract and retain the best employees.
-Business Valuations: Gain clarity on your business’s genuine market value.
-Business Coaching: Whether it’s business growth hurdles or team dynamics, I’m here to guide you.
-CFO Fractional Services: Benefit from expert CFO insights without long-term commitments.

Throughout my career, I’ve unlocked vast tax savings and identified superior insurance options for businesses, ensuring the best coverage at competitive rates. The standout advantage of partnering with Legacy Gen Advisors? A streamlined experience with a single point of contact. Forget the hassle of dealing with multiple representatives—gain peace of mind with consistent, dedicated support.

Interested in strengthening your financial legacy? Let’s start a conversation. Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me, and we can discuss your unique requirements in detail.

Christoffer Landqvist

Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Financial Services

Hi there, I’ve been obsessed with helping small and medium-sized business owners optimize growth and utilize the U.S. tax code to limit their overall tax liability. My roots are Swedish, where I was born and raised. Sweden is a country with one of the highest tax rates and the most rigid taxation systems globally. This has given me a unique perspective and a steadfast determination to provide my clients with unique and tailored solutions. Drawing from a wellspring of experience and expertise, I’ve successfully guided numerous clients to reach their personal and financial goals.

My main objective is to become your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of taxes. Each journey starts with a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and businesses alike. My commitment is to alleviate these burdens by providing educational, transparent, and efficient tax management. In my pursuit of excellence,

I’ve been able to accomplish some remarkable milestones. Through strategic planning and meticulous attention to detail, I’ve saved my clients millions of dollars in taxes… money they previously overpaid the IRS on a yearly basis. This outstanding achievement underscores my commitment to maximizing your financial growth and ensuring that your hard-earned resources are channeled where they matter most.

To start your journey of empowerment and financial liberation – book a Strategy Session with me to see how I can best be of service. In this call, we won’t just navigate complexities – we’ll simplify, strategize, and thrive together. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Best Regards//Chris

Linda Tuttle

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll

“You don’t seem like the ‘typical accountant’.” I hear that from people a lot.

I am the Adventuring Accountant, with a personality.

You are a person to me, not a number. Even though I do love numbers, spreadsheets, reconciling bank accounts, and getting accounts to balance.

More importantly, I love meeting new people and helping YOU strategize how to save money on your taxes so you can create the life you want. Freedom to spend time with those you love, doing the things you want to do, traveling where you want to travel.

I enjoy helping entrepreneurs, particularly online coaches, consultants, affiliate and network marketers because they see a vision for a life beyond the traditional job and have a passion for helping people improve their lives.

I graduated with my Master’s degree in accounting, worked for a CPA firm for several years and quickly realized that wasn’t the life for me. As a result, I started my own tax and accounting practice and have enjoyed running it from home for over 21 years. I love showing other entrepreneurs how starting and growing their business is one of the best ways to save on taxes and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

I have the experience as a tax preparer, tax advisor, and small business owner myself to help you with navigating the world of accounting and taxes. You will feel confident you are maximizing your income after working with me.

To see if we are a good fit to work together, schedule a 15 minute discovery call.


Tax Advising, Financial Services

I immigrated to the United States more than two decades ago, and life was going well until I experienced a setback with our tax system. Rather than giving up, I embraced the world of tax strategies. Today, I proudly hold the title of Main Street Certified Tax Advisor, dedicated to ensuring that my clients and I pay only the absolute minimum fair share of our taxes.

With degrees in Economics, Business Management, and Global Business, I bring a well-rounded approach to the realm of taxation. My deep understanding of the intricacies of our tax system has allowed me to achieve success in the real estate industry and establish a lasting legacy.

I extend an invitation for you to leverage my knowledge and expertise to reduce your tax burden, build wealth, and improve your quality of life. Reach out to me by phone or visit my website to schedule a discovery call today.