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What is a Main Street Tax Advisor?

We certify each tax professional in our network on 80+ cutting-edge tax strategies, to ensure they maximize your tax savings.

Every professional in our network speaks the “Mark Kohler” language. If you have heard Mark talk about a strategy, every tax professional listed below is certified to help you implement it in your tax plan.

William Richerson

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Payroll, ITIN, Sales Tax Reporting

I started my first business, a specialty outdoor sports retail store, before graduating from collage. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in accounting. I passed the CPA exam but did not work for another CPA long enough to qualify for the certificate. I have been a CFO in manufacturing, treasurer for non-profits and accountant for a bankruptcy trustee in several large cases involving manufacturing and wholesale building supplies. Those businesses would be million dollar businesses in today’s dollars

The experiences of being a small business owner myself and working in bankruptcies showed me the need for qualified professional tax and financial help for the main street business owner and successful professional. It was my desire to help in these areas that prompted me to start my tax and consulting business and then to be in the first group to enroll in this program. This certification has given me the knowledge and tools I have always wanted in order to assist the small business owners and professionals.

My wife and I own other businesses including being active real estate investors. When I’m not working, or with family, I enjoy doing anything in the outdoors and I am a Texas Master Naturalist.

Kevin Andrade

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll

I am a tax planning expert behind thousands in tax savings for my clients.
At our firm, I have countless success stories with one mission: Redefining tax planning for the modern entrepreneur.

After nearly a decade of experience in the field, I have cracked the code to business success using strategic tax planning, so you can grow your business (and bank account) with ease.

Ready to move forward? Contact me for a free introductory call on the website below.

Tanner Bellamy

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping

My story is not that glorious, “claim to fame” story like most others. Mine started in a small cubicle with many other people alongside me, pumping out tax returns by the hundreds. Businesses, individuals, rental properties… it all came my way and I started to realize what did and didn’t work for these taxpayers. So I tried it with my side hustle… it worked. That was my “lightbulb” moment. I realized there was a need among small business owners for tax strategy which drove me to get my Enrolled Agent certification and learn even more.

Today, I have helped hundreds of clients like you save thousands of dollars by optimizing entity structure, identifying additional write offs, and using other advanced tax strategies. I find joy in helping small business owners KEEP more of what you earn every year.

Schedule a call with me today. Let’s get to know each other and see if I may be a good fit as your tax advisor.

Perry Jones

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Financial Services

What is “Your American Dream”? Do you have a roadmap to get you there?
“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” ― Berra, Yogi

Throughout my 27-year career in the United States Army, I’ve had the privilege of serving in various leadership roles, from platoon leader to Battalion Commander, honing my skills as both a rotary and fixed-wing aviator. As a Master Army Aviator, I’ve commanded aircraft in both peacetime and combat operations, demonstrating proficiency in course of action development, planning, and resource management. My experience extends to joint assignments with multi-service, non-governmental organizations, and federal and state agencies, where I’ve led teams of up to 300 personnel with a focus on safety, risk management, and standard operating procedures. I’ve proudly served in operations such as Jump Start, Iraqi Freedom, and Desert Shield/Storm, earning accolades including the Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Meritorious Service Medal (3).

Transitioning from military service, I’ve carried forward my leadership ethos and operational expertise into the civilian sector, particularly within the power distribution industry. With a keen understanding of strategic, tactical, and technical client needs, I’ve spearheaded the development of innovative, high-value products, leveraging my inclusive and engaging leadership style to build high-performance, diverse, cross-functional teams. My track record speaks to my ability to align teams across cultures and international organizational levels, fostering collaboration and driving success. With a blend of presence and humility cultivated through diverse career experiences, I remain committed to delivering excellence and driving impactful outcomes in every endeavor I undertake.

Jennifer Shrewsberry

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping

Jennifer Shrewsberry is a Main Street Certified Tax Advisor and Bookkeeping Firm Owner who specializes in providing comprehensive tax services to real estate investors and service-based businesses focused on real estate. With years of experience in the industry, she has built a reputation for providing personalized attention and customized solutions that help her clients achieve their financial goals.

As the owner of her bookkeeping firm, Jennifer brings a unique combination of expertise and dedication to every project she takes on. She understands the challenges that real estate investors and service-based businesses face and works closely with her clients to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Jennifer is also a successful real estate investor with a portfolio of short and long term rentals. Her experience as an investor gives her a unique perspective and valuable insights that she can share with her clients. She understands the importance of careful financial management and strategic decision-making when it comes to investing in real estate, and she uses this knowledge to help her clients achieve their investment goals.

As a fellow investor, Jennifer is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends. She leverages her knowledge and experience to provide her clients with the most current and accurate information available, helping them make informed decisions about their own investments.

Bill Biesanz

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Legal

I am the founder of Rocket City Tax Professionals, where I partner with sole proprietors and small business owners nationwide to save thousands of dollars in taxes every year! With 10+ years of experience investing in commercial and residential real estate, I strive to add value for my clients by helping implement various tax strategies, increase cash flow, and optimize business processes.

My simple philosophy…Allow me to assist as your fiduciary in developing and implementing a strategic plan while you focus on growing your business. Let’s get started! Call me today @ (256) 783-5010.

Scott McLaine

Tax Advising

Hi! I’m Scott McLaine, the host of the BrightWealth® Show and I am the Managing Partner of BrightAdvisor®.

BrightWealth® publishes financial education videos and hosts live events. BrightAdvisor® delivers world class financial services to everyday working Americans.

I have published hundreds of financial education videos with millions of views. I teach everything from the basics of personal finance, retirement accounts, active investing, to advanced tax savings loopholes and strategies for business owners and high network households.

My speciality is financial planning and tax strategies for High Net-worth Households and growing businesses.

Currently, our team has helped millions of people with our content, trained thousands of professionals on finance, performed hundreds of workshops for companies, and provided financial education for hundreds of thousands of people online … and have empowered many, many individuals and families to create their IncomeForever™ Retirement, so they never have an out of money experience.   

I would love the Opportunity to take a look at your situation and see what we can do.

Tobi Agbejimi

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Services, Insurance, ITIN, Sales Tax Reporting

Hi, I’m Tobi Agbejimi, and I specialize in assisting small, savvy business owners and real estate professionals in optimizing their relationship with the IRS.

Unlike most CPAs who herd you like cattle at tax time, we hand-pick professionals already succeeding and help them thrive year-round.

Our proactive approach leaves no stone unturned, ensuring clear communication of your entitlement to the IRS and all parties involved. The mission is to help business owners maximize profit while legitimately minimizing taxes, using strategic opportunities within the law to build an empire and legacy.

Our services cover entity structure tax planning, tax advisory, loan consulting, accounting, social security planning, and more!

If your current CPA is the only one seeing growing margins, let us guide you in transitioning away from them and towards our services. We can enhance your financial performance and provide the expertise you need for a more fruitful partnership.

If you seek certainty and clarity, visit my website and book a free discovery call –

Pamela Ferguson

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Insurance

I am Pamela Ferguson, a Tax Advisor based in Dallas, TX, and I serve clients virtually across America. I specialize in helping you legally lower your tax liabilities and provide expert guidance in retirement planning. Since 2003, I have been dedicated to assisting individuals and business owners, and I absolutely love what I do. Every day, I strive to enhance my skills in all aspects to become a better resource for my clients.

Soluto Uba

Tax Advising, Legal

Hey there! My name is Soluto Uba and I am the managing attorney and founder of The Uba Law Group. I’m passionate about helping Entrepreneurs protect their business and family legacy. With a practice focused on small business, estate, planning, and tax strategy, I use my expertise to serve companies in every stage of success.

As an active entrepreneur myself with multiple companies, I bring my clients real life experience and strategies to help them succeed and overcome the business challenges we face today.

Working with Uba Law Group is a simple 3-Step Process:

1.) Visit our website:
2.) Schedule a complimentary Discovery Consultation (
3.) Meet with me and create a gameplan to achieve your goals

Alissa Hollinger

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax Reporting

As a CPA, taxes were just a job until….I learned about a family whose lives were forever changed because of an overwhelming tax debt situation. Since then, I’ve seen so many ways that taxes impact every aspect of our lives. Over the last 10 years, it’s been my personal mission to learn all that I can to help taxpayers out of nasty tax problems while also helping them to pay the absolute minimum to the IRS.

I am licensed as a CPA and an EA. I am also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist and a Main Street Certified Tax Advisor. Sometimes, the best way to resolve the old IRS tax debt is to implement tax strategies going forward.

When I’m not trying to stick it to the IRS, I’m off chasing my two little miniature schnauzers!

Monica Mendez

Tax Prep, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax Reporting

Hello! I’m Monica, an Enrolled Agent with a real estate license, and for 17 years, I’ve been a leading figure in the financial industry.
My journey is not just a professional expedition but a constant quest for a better future for my family and myself.

As a business owner in the realms of tax representation and real estate, I’ve blended technical expertise with an entrepreneurial vision. My mission extends beyond numbers and transactions; it’s the construction of a legacy, a path that paves the way for a bright future for those I love.

Every day, I face challenges with determination because I know that behind each figure, there are family dreams and personal aspirations. My commitment to excellence is not just for the profession but for the deep desire to provide my family with a future full of opportunities and success.

Join me on this entrepreneurial journey, where experience and ambition converge to open doors to a better tomorrow. As an experienced Enrolled Agent and a real estate enthusiast, I’m here not just to handle your financial matters but to be the architect of your financial future.

Amber Gabourel

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll

I’m Amber The Tax Lady, and I bring over two decades of expertise to the world of taxes, specializing in tax savings and relieving the burden of tax debt. My journey started as an Auditor, examining Connecticut nursing homes and Medicaid audits. I then honed my skills at respected CPA firms and commercial tax entities across the state. It was a natural progression for me to pursue my license as an IRS Enrolled Agent. As an IRS Enrolled Agent, I stand among the elite group of tax professionals recognized by the IRS for their expertise in taxation and representation.

My passion for taxes ignited during my teenage years when I prepared my return. This passion led me to earn an Accounting degree and an honors MBA. In 2012, a pivotal moment in my career propelled me to establish Whitehead Tax and Financial Services, LLC. Since then, my firm has excelled in helping individuals and small businesses save significantly on taxes, often saving small business owners an average of $15,000 and providing relief from over $100,000 in tax debt.

My unique talent lies in simplifying complex tax concepts, ensuring my clients fully comprehend their tax situations. I’ve shared my tax expertise as a guest tax expert on CT NBC and a guest speaker at educational institutions. My vision is to continually expand my firm’s services, offering comprehensive solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. Whether you’re seeking substantial tax savings or relief from tax debt, rest assured, I’m here to be your trusted partner on the journey to financial freedom and peace of mind.

I would love to connect with you! Please use the link below to book your complimentary consultation:

John Solunteh Jaiblai

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll

John is a proficient accounting and tax professional with over 10 years of experience working in corporate Institutions. He currently works with Intuit Inc.’s small and medium-sized business unit as a Select-time Senior Associate Bookkeeper where he provides daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping/accounting services to over fifty small and medium-sized businesses assigned to him. In addition, John owns and runs Jaiblai Business Solutions LLC (a Bookkeeping and Tax Firm) where he is leveraging QuickBooks online and ProConnect tax software to provide virtual and in-person bookkeeping and tax services to small and medium-sized businesses.

With a strong professional and academic background in Finance and Internal Audit, a Certified Bookkeeping Professional, a QuickBooks Certified Advanced ProAdvisor, and a small business tax strategist, he works to make the complex understandable by providing small businesses with the accounting and tax expertise they need to thrive. He acts in an advisory role to his clients to enable them to make smart financial decisions that optimize their personal and/or business wealth. He desires to save them more money and give them a better night’s sleep by leveraging the tax code to legally reduce their taxes and land them in a lower tax bracket as with the one percent taxpayers.

John holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and is also a Main Street Certified Tax Advisor (MSCTA) and speaks exactly the tax and legal language of his mentor Mark J Kohler. John wants to work with that small business owner who is drowning in the heavy pool of taxes, looking to make that 360′ turn from paying way more in taxes other than their fair share and building generational wealth using the saved tax dollars.

Stephanie Anderson, EA, CTP

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Insurance, Sales Tax Reporting

Hello! I’m Stephanie Anderson, an Enrolled Agent armed with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a deep-seated commitment to maximizing your financial well-being. My journey in the world of finance has been dedicated to one goal: your success.

As a Certified Tax Planner, I possess the expertise to design personalized tax solutions that revolve entirely around your unique circumstances. In 2014, I embarked on a mission to redefine the tax service experience, founding Tax Prose to cater to your distinct needs with precision and care. Our relentless dedication to your financial prosperity caught the industry’s attention, earning me the prestigious AICTP Member of the Year Award in Tax Planning.

But what truly sets Tax Prose apart is our unwavering focus on you, our valued client. We don’t just keep pace with the evolving tax landscape; we lead the way by blending our expertise with innovative strategies to ensure you reap every possible benefit. Your financial success is our ultimate reward, and I’m here to ensure you experience the full spectrum of advantages that a strategic tax plan can bring. Let’s connect and embark on a journey toward financial empowerment together. Your prosperity is my priority. Let’s make your financial goals a reality. Connect with me today by booking a call here:

Martin Eisenstein

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Legal, Financial Services

My name is Martin D. Eisenstein. I’m an attorney, a CPA, and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. But those are just letters after my name. My real mission is to help you make the most of your family business, as you build it, operate it, and transition it to a buyer or a new generation of family.

I start your journey with an intensive review of your tax filings and a comprehensive, holistic tax plan. My process includes constant planning and course-correction throughout the year, ensuring you’re always steps ahead of any nasty April 15 surprises. This gives you the most solid possible foundation to build and protect the sort of generational wealth you’ve spent your entire career working to achieve.

I look forward to learning about your family and your businesses! Please book an appointment with me when it’s convenient.

Jake Jeong, CPA, CFO

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping

Are you in the construction industry (HVAC, PLUMBING ELECTRIC, PAINTING, LANDSCAPING, SNOW REMOVAL, RENOVATION & MAINTENANCE, PEST CONTROL, etc.) seeking expert financial advice? I’m Jake Jeong, a Certified Public Accountant with specialized experience in the construction sector. I’m committed to guiding you through the financial complexities of our industry.

My Mission is Your Success:
With my understanding of the ever-changing construction landscape, I aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed for your profitability and sustainable growth.

Let’s Partner for Success:
Elevate your construction business with my tailored financial expertise. Reach out to me for a FREE INTERVIEW, and together, let’s pave the way to your success.

Marcos Guevara

Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Insurance, Sales Tax Reporting

Marcos Guevara owner of HomEstate Solutions is a skilled tax advisor with 6 years of experience in providing expert tax planning and preparation services. As a former army veteran with a background in finance and human resources, he brings a unique perspective to his clients’ financial challenges. With a strong financial focus and concentration to safeguarding their financial interests, understands the critical role taxes play in financial well-being. With a strategic mindset and understanding of business systems and processes. With a passion for entrepreneurship and guiding businesses and individuals through complex tax matters.

As a former business owner, he intimately understands the inner workings of businesses and the financial impact of strategic decisions, giving him firsthand knowledge of the financial and administrative challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Marcos understands the power of real estate in building long-term financial stability. His expertise in market analysis, property valuation, and investment strategies enables his clients to make informed choices and maximize their financial returns. Also, him having prior experience in construction project management brings with him a more strategic mindset to his clients’ real estate endeavors.

With a strategic approach to financial protection, Marcos understands that life insurance is a fundamental component of a comprehensive financial plan. Provides strategic life insurance solutions conducting thorough assessments of his clients’ insurance needs, goals, and financial circumstances to develop personalized strategies that align with their long-term objectives.

His certification as a tax professional, as well as being member of the elite group Main Street Tax Pro Tax Advisor Network combined with his strategic approach, allows him to offer a comprehensive understanding of asset protection and tax strategies tailored to his clients’ financial goals. He helps clients optimize their tax planning, minimize liabilities, identify opportunities for strategic tax savings and streamline financial growth and wealth accumulation. His dedication to strategic financial planning, attention to detail, up-to-date knowledge of tax laws, asset protection and understanding of business systems make him a trusted advisor.