Millions of Americans die each year without any type of estate plan in place, and this forces their families into the court system, where they experience huge expenses with probate and significant time delays when they would rather be mourning.

Procrastination is easy – especially when it comes to something where the benefits won’t be apparent until you are either incapacitated or have passed away.  However, if you care about saving your loved ones thousands in legal fees, months of time, and a mountain of headaches and worries, then completing your estate plan is truly a caring act of charitable service that you should consider completing before it becomes everlastingly too late.

As tempting as it might be to avoid employing a competent Estate Closer, and save a few dollars. It is never a good idea for the trustee to shortcut the process at the end in an attempt to save a few weeks or even months of administration.

When you hear the word Estate Closing you may think of one of your favorite movies about someone dying and leaving their assets to family members in a creative fashion. Typically, there is a scene depicting the reading of a Will by the attorney around a large conference room table and the gasps of frustration or sighs of relief. Of course, shortly thereafter, everyone receives what was stated in the Will and the story moves on.