I don’t know how this whole craze started and frankly, or who started the spread of misdirection and misinformation, but the LLC for all of its good and bad is here for the foreseeable future. Thus, I would be remiss not to tackle this important topic set the record straight.

Many new business owners believe choosing and forming their business entity is something to check off their list on a weekday night after researching on the web for an hour or so. Please be careful.

As we all know, an LLC is critical for asset protection when owning a rental, but if you are doing business in Tennessee it’s critical you understand some additional rules for filing your entity.

Corporate credit is for real and does exist. However, the half-truths and mystery begins when one asks if a person with bad credit can really form a company and days later borrow money under the company’s name. Typically, the promises of promoters and websites include thousands of dollars of unsecured credit lines. The truth is that Corporate Credit such as this does not exist and is typically a scam.