don’t let your inability to pay your tax liability in full keep you from filing your tax return properly and on time. If you don’t file your tax return, it only makes things worse.

This has to be one of the most under utilized tax strategies by small business owners with families today. Many don’t realize that paying their children under age 18, as well as adult children or grandchildren, is an excellent strategy to minimize their tax liability, not to mention it creates a host of other ancillary benefits.

I too wish the tax code was simpler, but it’s not. If you are getting notices from the IRS and your spouse didn’t pay his or her fair share and you’re getting stuck with the bill, this could be a solution to your mess.

Here is a list of the TOP 10 things TO do, or NOT do, in order to avoid an audit. As many of you can imagine, an audit can be expensive and time consuming, not to mention, emotionally draining experience.

This program offers an additional alternative for borrowers who are unable to keep their property under other federal programs such as HAMP or HARP. In particular, a short sale or DIL approved under HAFA offers the following benefits:

Real Property Matrix which provides an objective method of evaluating whether a particular property is worth keeping depending on whether or not the property is underwater, and whether or not the property produces reasonable cash flow.

home owners or real estate investors are encountering numerous questions about the tax consequences of these situations. That’s why it’s more important than ever for real estate owners to understand the basics of how the IRS views tax forgiveness.

A taxpayer’s marital status for the entire year is determined as of Dec. 31. A taxpayer who gets married (or divorced) on that date is treated as if he or she were married (or single) all year long.