A good rental property strategy will not only to build an incredible long-term and sometimes immediate tax strategy, it will inevitably build wealth for future retirement and should provide current cash flow benefits if you choose wisely.

Thousands of business owners get taken advantage of each year with high priced asset protection plans that don’t come close to providing the protection they were promised.

Now, I’m not asking you to quit your ‘day job’, I’m just asking you to at least have a small business ‘on the side’.

I target the leading tax and legal questions facing small-business owners today. One of those current issues is the fastest growing crime in America of Identity Theft.

Even experienced business owners can benefit from using a Strategic Plan as an integral part of their business.

You may have thought there wasn’t any harm in trading services or goods with another business owner for something of interest or to fulfill a need of yours. However, watch out for the tax man if under audit.

If you volunteer for a charity, you should be aware that your generosity may entitle you to some tax breaks. I personally have found these strategies to be critical in my own personal tax savings plan.

Well to help in this effort, below is a list of Applications and Software Products to enhance your business. I’ll also be covering this topic in depth on the Radio Show. Check it out here if you missed it LIVE or the Podcast.