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199A deduction for rental real estate investors

199A Deduction for Rental Real Estate Investors

If you have rental losses, you DO NOT want your enterprise to be considered QBI and included in the 199A Deduction calculation, BUT you (or your spouse) DO want to be considered a real estate professional in order to deduct the losses against your other ordinary income.

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the truth about umbrella insurance

The Truth about Umbrella Insurance

So is umbrella insurance inherently bad, a scam or worthless. No. But, is it for everyone? Another absolutely not! But heaven forbid insurance companies let anyone else say otherwise.

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what is a registered agent

What is a Registered Agent

Since an LLC or Corporation is not an individual, it cannot have process served on it unless someone is appointed to serve as an ‘agent’ for the company. All 50 states require that such a person be appointed- This person is the Registered Agent.

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rv ownership tax strategies

RV Ownership Tax Strategies

Tax laws have changed even for RV owners. However, you can still potentially save state income taxes by changing your domicile, writing off the RV as a business expense, or even save money by cutting the cost of traditional home ownership.

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is my pet a tax write-off?

Is My Pet a Tax Write-off?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a little help from Uncle Sam as well as a tax write-off for some of that pet food, vet bills, or even that big price tag at the breeder? Well, there might just be an option to save some taxes in the process.

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year end tax tips - must complete by december 31st

“Year End Tax Tips – MUST complete by December 31st

This is a unique trick we implement for several clients each year. If you previously paid a lot in Self-Employment Tax and for some reason had an LLC (sometimes a major mistake by other planners), you can easily still elect it to be taxed as an S-Corporation retroactively to January 1st, 2013

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