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Immersive learning about Life-changing financial strategy

Join the community of doers and dreamers at one of my workshops
to learn invaluable knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

The Business Owners Workshop

Basic to advanced strategies to save taxes,
protect assets, and grow wealth.

Young Adult Financial Training

Everything that’s not taught in school
about money & taxes to help the next
generation reach their potential.

The Self-Directed IRA Summit

Advanced and foundational classes
about self-directed IRA strategies that
anyone can learn and understand..

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The Business Owners Workshop
(Extended Version)
10/9/21 – 10/10/21 Chicago, IL
The Business Owners Workshop
(Extended Version)
11/5/21 – 11/6/21 Orange County, CA
The Business Owners Workshop
(Condensed Version)
10/2/21 Dallas, TX
The Business Owners Workshop
(Extended Version)
11/19/21 – 11/20/21 Oahu, HI
The Business Owners Workshop (Extended Version) 12/3/21 – 12/4/21 Virtual
Young Adult Financial Training 11/18/21 Oahu, HI
Young Adult Financial Training 12/2/21 Virtual
Young Adult Financial Training 10/7/21 Chicago, IL
Young Adult Financial Training 11/4/21 Orange County, CA
The Directed IRA Masterclass 10/1/21 Dallas, TX
Self-Directed IRA Summit 10/22/21-10/23/21 Scottsdale, AZ


“I am working on my taxes this evening? Yes, that’s why everyone loves Mark! He is unique in that he has found a way to make a boring subject fun and entertaining, using stories and analogies and dancing! Yes, it’s true? a person can be competent/professional and laugh!! It was so hard inviting people to an all-day Saturday “tax and legal” workshop, they looked at me like huh??? But those that came had an amazing time”

C. H.

“Mark is a very gifted and inspiring man. He has such an ability to connect with everyone he meets and teaches vast knowledge and skills to the common person. Since taking his tax and legal classes I have saved over 30 thousand dollars with different tax incentives and have made even more knowing how to embrace the different tax and legal strategies. What I like best about Mark is that he operates with the highest integrity and I know that I am in great hands when he is assisting me. ”

C. D.

“Mark is one of the smartest, funniest and most knowledgeable people I’ve ever had the honor of meeting. His book “Lawyers are Liars” is a must-read and his financial and legal advice is priceless! * P.S. If you ever get the honor to meet him in person, ask him about his pig story!!!”

J. M.

“Mark has me jumping out of my seat and ready to rock and roll my taxes and the law. Now that’s takes skill with the law and a special rapport with people? ”

V. G.

“Any chance you get to listen to Mark will absolutely save you $$$$$$$ and make you more intelligent! ”

D. B.

“Mat and Mark make it easy to understand and absorb difficult-to-understand material.”


“It was very helpful to learn about asset protection rules for self-directed IRA’s, 401(k)’s and retirement.”


“The Summit was very well organized with great speakers who spoke on topical issues.”


“Mat Sorensen and his presentation was outstanding.”


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For a full refund, tickets must be cancelled 7 days BEFORE the event.

Tickets may be transferred to another location or to a virtual ticket up until 7 days BEFORE the event.

If you miss the event due to Covid or any other reason, you may receive the recording of the event but we will not give out refunds if the customer wishes to cancel after the 7 day mark. All customers who pay for a ticket get access to a recording whether or not they attend in person.

No refunds are given after the event takes place.

Tickets are allowed to be transferrable to another person.

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