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Xuong Xan (Sean) Chu


15+ Years of Exp.
Financial Advisor, Enrolled Agent, Tax Preparer, Accountant/Book Keeper


Financial Advisor, Enrolled Agent, Tax Preparer, Accountant/Book Keeper

5+ Person Firm

San Dimas,



A charismatic and patient professional in taxation and real estate, seeking for clients in need of accounting and financial services. Believes that all people can learn, blossom, and achieve the American dream. Proven ability to work in chaotic situations with real estate contract dates and deadlines and tax filing deadlines. Much-admired for excellence in fiduciary, creativity, organization, and positive attitude. Able to establish instant relationship with clients, professionals, and agents from real estate to Internal Revenue Service based on outstanding communication.

Chumerica Financial Alliance in San Dimas, CA
January 2009 – Present
• Manage clients, learning and understanding in accordance to the goals of their finances.
• Perform regular routine of client’s accounting and financial plan.

As owner, I must maintain proper licensing in all the categories listed below:

FINRA Series 65 – Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam
March 2019 – Present
• Passed – The Series 65 exam – the NASAA Investment Advisers Law Examination administered by FINRA.

NMLS Mortgage Loan Originator
March 2016 – Present
• Assists consumers who are seeking mortgage loans in purchasing or refinancing a home or commercial real estate.

IRS Enrolled Agent
February 2016 – Present
• Tax Expert
• Federally licensed tax practitioner who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.
• Responsible for income tax preparation for individuals and companies.
• Identified potential tax credits and liabilities and ensure accurate and complete returns are filed in a timely manner.
• Completes tax forms in accordance with policies and in compliance with legislation and regulations.
NTPI Fellow (2021 – Present)
• Acquired the knowledge & skills needed to guide their clients successfully through the complicated tax resolution & audit cases.
Main Street Certified Tax Advisor (2023 – Present)
• Diligently trained directly with Mark J. Kohler, CPA, Attorney, Author, to learn the very best critical tax and legal strategies.
IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer
March 2012 – 2016 (Exempt)
CTEC Registered Tax Preparer
January 2009 – 2016 (Exempt)

CDI Insurance Producer
December 2010 – Present
• Provides service to clients’ changing insurance needs by selling annuities, life and health insurance.

CalDRE Real Estate Saleperson
April 2006 – Present
• Marketing real estate on behalf of clients and providing guidance to buyers/sellers to facilitate the purchase/selling process.
First Time Buyer Specialist Certification (2020 – Present)
Certified Real Estate Negotiator (2023 – Present)
Certified Listing Professional (2023 – Present)

SOS Notary Public – California
February 2003 – Present
• Performs valuable services to the legal, business, financial and real estate communities by certifying or witnessing signatures on official documents.

Greff CPA Corp in Los Angeles, CA
February 2003 – October 2008
• CPA Internships and Cooperative Programs


Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Services, Insurance, Sales Tax Reporting


Real Estate, Prior Year Returns




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