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Hello, I’m Wadelene (WAHD LEEN) Charles, and I’m passionate about all things finance and wealth-building. With a license as an Enrolled Agent from the Internal Revenue Service, I’m here to navigate the complex world of taxes for you. My educational background includes bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Finance, as well as a Master of Science in Accountancy. I’ve also obtained a 215 Life & Health Insurance License, ensuring that I can provide comprehensive financial guidance.

Currently, I serve as the Senior Tax Accountants (STA) and Managing Partner at Strategic Tax Accountants, where I work diligently to help clients make informed financial decisions. I help small business owners, real estate investors, and real estate professionals acquire financing, decrease tax liabilities, increase client receivables, and grow their portfolios so they can focus on helping more people live their ideal lifestyles. My commitment to financial empowerment extends beyond my work with STA—I’m also a Wealth Coach and Educator with Sipping Wealth, a platform where I share insights on cash flow management, tax optimization, and various financial tips to help the community grow their wealth.

In addition to my tax expertise and coaching role, I wear another hat as the Part Owner and Chief Financial Officer at JWI Developments. This role allows me to apply my financial knowledge in the world of real estate and private equity investments, where I work to create wealth-building opportunities.
As an author, I’ve created the “My Wealth Planner” to assist individuals in accomplishing their goals and managing and maximizing their wealth.

I am looking forward to assisting you! Together Let’s Wealth Up!


Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Insurance, Sales Tax Reporting


Real Estate, Sales/Property Tax, Prior Year Returns, Audit


Wadelene Charles



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