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I’m Scott Letourneau, the proud CEO and founder of NCP and Sales Tax System.

Over the years since 1997, I’ve personally steered the success of more than 6,500 clients, imparting them with strategic wisdom and clear operational guidance as they venture into the U.S. business landscape.

My dedication to supporting my clients is second to none. I take pride in always being several steps ahead in the game. By anticipating potential hurdles and strategizing proactively, I ensure you sail smoothly through the intricate journey of U.S. expansion, even during taxing times.

My expertise spans an array of business expansion strategies, including:

-Ensuring compliance with the myriad of U.S. marketplace rules
-Guiding on the best expansion pathway: opting for a foreign entity or a U.S. one
-Pinpointing the best structure and state for U.S. e-commerce entrepreneurs
-Clarifying U.S. sales tax duties for non-marketplace merchants, like those on Shopify
-Assisting in navigating Amazon’s insurance stipulations for sellers residing outside the U.S.
-I want you to know that every approach I advocate is meticulously tailored to boost and widen your U.S. revenue stream.

Thinking of starting a new business? Looking to expand to Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify? My package offers bonuses valued at over $6,000!

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Facing challenges with sales tax registrations? I’ve got you covered.

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I offer a range of resources, from in-depth charts, engaging graphs, and educational videos, to comprehensive training modules to fortify your confidence in your entrepreneurial journey.

My professional network includes collaborations with giants like Shopify, Sears, Catching Clouds, SOVOS, Taxjar, Payoneer, Peisner Johnson, Well-Insurance, and a roster of esteemed CPAs and lawyers.

Having gained insights and training from luminaries like Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy in diverse domains, from financing, webinars, marketing, and e-commerce, I bring a treasure trove of resources to ensure your enterprise thrives in the digital marketplace.

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Scott Letourneau


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