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Master’s in
Business Administration: Accounting & Finance


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I’m Robert, the founder and CEO of The Financial Strategists, LLC.

My journey began with a solid academic foundation. I earned my B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Southern Connecticut State University. Seeking to refine my skills even further, I pursued an MBA with a specialization in Accounting from the University of Maryland.

My dedication was evident during my time at the United States Naval Academy, where I persevered for three challenging years. Eventually, I decided to move on and spent two impactful years serving on the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) in Norfolk, VA. This experience included deployment to the Middle East in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Following my service, I returned home with a burning entrepreneurial spirit.

My professional background encompasses government contracting as a financial analyst and as an accountant. I’ve gained expertise in budgeting, financial analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of tax and accounting matters.

Fueled by my passion to assist both veteran and civilian business owners, I established The Financial Strategists, LLC, with the intention of making a significant positive impact on their ventures.

Having obtained the status of an Enrolled Agent, I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to my valued clients. Throughout the years, I’ve excelled in delivering exceptional tax and accounting services to a diverse clientele, ranging from small businesses, charitable organizations, and real estate investors, saving thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

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Robert Mucka


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