Rob Haertel

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25+ Years of Experience
PhD in
Federal Taxation

Main Street
Certified Tax Advisor


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Salt Lake City,



Rob Haertel, MBA, CPA, JD loves clients who are paying too much in taxes. His vast experience in tax planning and preparation has saved his clients millions of dollars in taxes through expert tax planning. He loves running 4 miles a day with his dog almost as much as he loves saving people money on their tax bills. Owners of small businesses and real estate investors from CA to FL love him because he truly cares about them and wants to help them become millionaires.

Other areas of expertise are:
1. Self-directed IRAs and 990T filings for leveraged real estate
2. Solo 401ks
3. Hard money lending
4. Capital gain deferral through 1031 exchanges, charitable remainder trusts, private foundations, and Opportunity Zones.

Additionally, many of our staff speak Spanish so we can serve the Latino community.

“Give us the facts, we’ll save you the tax.”


Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll


Real Estate, Foreign Citizen, Prior Year Returns


Rob Haertel


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