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I am the husband and father of 4 beautiful kids. I got my start in financial services in 2000. I’m a Senior Partner at BrightWealth®. I am a BrightAgent™ and host of the BrightWealth® Show ‘Maximum Income™’.BrightWealth® publishes financial education videos and hosts live events, while as a BrightAgent™, I work to provide top-tier financial strategies that can unlock a prosperous retirement future for hardworking professionals. My area of expertise lies in leveraging tax advantaged strategies to maximize your future income potential, providing an avenue for tax-free growth, and mitigating risk for those in the wealth-building phase of their lives. Over the years, our team has helped millions of people with our content, trained thousands of professionals on finance, performed hundreds of workshops for companies, and provided financial education for hundreds of thousands of people online. My goal every day is to make sure my clients feel heard, and that they are taking advantage of every tax wealth strategy available.


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Porter Shumway



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