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You know how most people nearing retirement are flooded with conflicting information about how to best set up their income so that it is tax efficient and it will continue on for as long as they live no matter what age that may be?

They also have to make important decisions regarding when to take their social security, which Medicare plan to go with, what to do with their 401K and many other decisions that can affect them for years to come.

I help simplify that process. I help people find the clarity they are seeking by providing a very personalized approach that encompasses every aspect of their financial picture.

If you are nearing or in retirement & you would like to make sure you are taking your income in the most tax efficient manner and last a lifetime, I can help you.

For over sixteen years, my office and I have helped hundreds of people who needed more clarity regarding where they stand as they face retirement, and helped them navigate through all of these important life-altering decisions.

As a fiduciary, and a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, I look at all areas of your financial life now and in retirement; important areas such as social security, Medicare, health and long-term care, tax planning, what level of risk your taking, what fees you may be paying, and how your assets are set up for your specific needs. Everything I do is highly personalized to your unique situation. You will gain a level of overall clarity you may have never had before after meeting with me whether in person, or online.


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