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“You don’t seem like the ‘typical accountant’.” I hear that from people a lot.

I am the Adventuring Accountant, with a personality.

You are a person to me, not a number. Even though I do love numbers, spreadsheets, reconciling bank accounts, and getting accounts to balance.

More importantly, I love meeting new people and helping YOU strategize how to save money on your taxes so you can create the life you want. Freedom to spend time with those you love, doing the things you want to do, traveling where you want to travel.

I enjoy helping entrepreneurs, particularly online coaches, consultants, affiliate and network marketers because they see a vision for a life beyond the traditional job and have a passion for helping people improve their lives.

I graduated with my Master’s degree in accounting, worked for a CPA firm for several years and quickly realized that wasn’t the life for me. As a result, I started my own tax and accounting practice and have enjoyed running it from home for over 21 years. I love showing other entrepreneurs how starting and growing their business is one of the best ways to save on taxes and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

I have the experience as a tax preparer, tax advisor, and small business owner myself to help you with navigating the world of accounting and taxes. You will feel confident you are maximizing your income after working with me.

To see if we are a good fit to work together, schedule a 15 minute discovery call.


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Linda Tuttle


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