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At JBC Tax Resolutions we look holistically at the impact of decisions on both the financial and human aspects of the company. This includes the owners, investors, employees, customers, vendors and their families. As a Navy veteran and wife of a disabled Vietnam veteran, Janice has a deep personal understanding that there are many forms of success and measurements of wealth within each unique financial situation and the people involved.

She has first-hand knowledge of corporate accounting and tax issues. As the owner of her own businesses, she understands the complexities of running your own business and the interaction of your personal and business taxes. She decided to help others with tax strategies after experiencing an intense IRS audit of her own business which resulted in a larger refund and an IRS job offer.

Janice obtained her CPA experience at Deloitte, a ‘Big 4’ accounting firm in auditing after her Business Economics degree from UCSB. She brings a solid accounting background as VP of Finance in a Mid-level manufacturing firm coupled with a decade of hands-on farming and certified on-farm processing experiences. She has specialized in Cost Accounting, Inventory and Financial Forensics. She is versed in both mid-level accounting software such as MS365 Business Central, and is a Certified Enterprise and Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor. In addition to holding a Certified Public Accounting license in CA and WA, she is certified in small business financial advisory, a certified tax representation consultant and Mark J Kohler’s Main Street Certified Tax Advisor.


Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping


Agriculture, Manufacturing, Online Sales/Ecommerce, Restaurants, Tax Resolution


Janice Blair CPA


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