Colleen Sawatzky

Currently Taking Online & In-Person Clients

20+ Years of Experience
Bachelor’s in
Business Administration & Accounting

Main Street
Certified Tax Advisor

Accountant, Bookkeeper, CPA, Tax Preparer

1-4 Person Firm




Two hockey-lovin’ little boys call me Mom. One handsome husband calls me Suga.
I’m the rarest of unicorns–an extroverted CPA. I firmly believe finances can and should be fun and easy for business owners. I’m on a mission to leverage my 20 years in the accounting and finance industry to help early-stage and growing entrepreneurs own their numbers so they can kill it at business while living their best lives.

I have built my current business model around being a trusted, relatable advisor for my clients. I have taken the knowledge I gained from my big corporate years (they know how to make money) and adjusted it into a process that supports the growing entrepreneur (just like Mark J Kohler, the true Main Street business). My company offers complete accounting and financial support at a fraction of the price you would spend hiring a bookkeeper, accountant, tax preparer, tax planning expert, fractional CFO, money coach, etc., separately.

Having a solid relationship with your trusted advisors is one of the most important things you need to build a thriving business. You should feel excited to call them when you have questions, problems, exciting opportunities, or just want to bounce an idea off of them. Do you have that type of relationship with your financial advisors? Take your time to find those professionals who will speak to you like an intelligent human, suggest ideas to help you achieve your goals, and call you out when they think you need it. If you want to chat to see if we can have that kind of relationship, hop on my calendar here –


Tax Prep, Tax Advising, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax Reporting


Cryptocurrency, Real Estate


Colleen Sawatzky


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