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***Attention Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs***

Chances are if you are on this page, you are experiencing 3 problems

  1. You are paying way too much in taxes each year. (In fact WAY more than you need to)
  2. You have little to ZERO structure set up to protect your hard earned assets. (If someone were to file a lawsuit against you, you would be at HIGH risk of losing everything you worked for)
  3. You still don’t have a good grasp on the tax and legal aspects of your business, but deep down you know that you should as a successful entrepreneur.

How would you like to have your own personal “in-house” CPA and Attorney at Law to answer any of your tax and legal questions INSTANTLY whenever you’re in need EVEN during tax season… all the while, without raising payroll, paying expensive by-the-hour fees, calling to set appointments or waiting for them to call you back when you need help the most?

Introducing Tax & Legal Library

Tax & Legal Library is the most inclusive, comprehensive, and valuable tax and legal strategies video series you have ever laid eyes on! I’ve designed it specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them pay the least amount of taxes this year, build an iron fortress over their hard earned assets, and truly maximize their profits and wealth.

What can Tax & Legal Library do for you?

  • Get a clear and concise understanding of taxes and business Law in the least amount of time possible… without spending hours searching around the web
  • Cut your taxes significantly this year… even if you’ve tried everything else before and even if your current CPA is telling you there’s nothing you can do
  • Protect yourself from lawsuits and scam artists by creating a multi-defense barrier around your most valuable assets (you worked hard for your assets, I’m going to teach you how to best protect them)
  • Learn the best wealth building strategies to make sure that you retire rich and your family is taken care off

I’ve focused specifically on making this material as simple to understand as possible and to offer the quickest payoff possible. No archaic terms to memorize or bore-you-to-death stuff. Just the most useful, real world, practical and effective tax and legal strategies to give you more control over your money and business this year. And best of all, you can complete the entire program from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

So What Do I Get?

Once you purchase Tax & Legal Library, you’ll get lifetime VIP access to a private members area available only to students.

Here, you’ll find all the videos and resources to get all your tax and legal questions answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I personally create and update all the videos in crystal clear HD quality, so you’ll be confident that you’ll get all your questions answered clearly and concisely, as if you were in the room with me! Need me to elaborate on a specific topic? I’m just an email away and my students get priority access to me and my team. The step-by-step video series is broken down into 4 modules, each with its focus on a specific area of concentration

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Module 1: Business Planning
  • How to choose the right entity for your business in order to minimize your taxes and maximize your asset protection (and how to restructure it if you chose the wrong one before)
  • Why you are losing thousands simply by funneling your income through the wrong entity
  • Business Entities Made Simple – A laymen’s breakdown of each business entity and which one you should create depending on the stage of your business
  • How to write a business plan the right way to attract high end investors and funding
  • The Dynamic Strategic Plan – A proven 3 part plan to keep your business on track, cash-flow positive, and numbers under control
  • And much more…
Module 2: Tax Savings
  • Secret government loopholes for saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollar in taxes this year… even if you’ve tried everything else before and even if your current CPA is told you there’s nothing you can do
  • Learn how to save BIG in self employment tax alone…it’s not what you think
  • Discover what the wealthy 1% of the world do year in and year out to prolong their financial edge and stay on top
  • 7 bookkeeping tricks to manage your cash-flow and expenses… saving you serious time and money
  • The Write Off List – Find out once and for all what counts as a business expense and what doesn’t to maximize the number of write offs this year… this is a list you must have
  • And much more…
Module 3: Asset Protection
  • Debunking The Asset Protection Myths
  • The truth about Nevada Corporations and why they are dangerous for your business
  • The Multiple Barrier Approach – How to set up multi layered defenses for your specific situation
  • The Must Do’s if you own a business or rental property
  • The In’s and Outs of hiring family members into your business and how it can save you thousands
  • And Much More…
Module 4: Wealth Building
  • Develop the skills to keep wealth and leave a legacy for generations to come
  • Health Care Strategies for a life-time of savings (hint: you can actually make money every time you go to the doctor)
  • Step by step demonstration on how you can safely and effectively self direct your retirement plan and realize massive tax-free and tax-deferred profits
  • Estate Planning 101 – Understanding the importance of estate planning and how it benefits you in the long haul
  • And Much Mor
By the end of this course you should have a rock solid understanding of the tax and legal side of your business as well as an arsenal of techniques to add hundreds to thousands of dollars into your bank account this year.

You Get 10X Times Your Money’s Worth!

If you ever hired a certified professional to personally help you with your taxes and asset protection, you know it’s not cheap… In fact, many general counselors who specialize in helping people with these types of problems routinely charge 150+ per hour… and you’ll be required to go for at least 7 sessions. That’s a MINIMUM of $1050! And if you asked someone who specializes in tax and asset protection for help, you could expect to pay even MORE. For example, my clients routinely pay me 300+ per hour for help in this area. So you’ll be thrilled to hear that, when you claim your copy of Tax & Legal Library,

You’ll get lifetime access for just $399.

That’s over $1000 dollars in savings… and its NOT including what you’ll save in taxes this spring!

Try It For 30 Days RISK FREE!

I know that you might have tried other solutions in the past or even bought other courses, and they haven’t provided you with the knowledge, clarity, and support you needed… … And so you may be having a hard time deciding if Tax & Legal Library is right for you. So to put your mind completely at ease, I’d like to assure you that there is absolutely NO RISK in giving Tax & Legal Library a try, thanks to our full, BIG HAIRY no-questions-asked money back guarantee!! Claim your copy of Tax & Legal Library, go through the entire thing and if by the end of it you are not dead certain that this is simply one of the best business resources you ever laid your hands on, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll promptly refund every red penny, no questions asked. I’m shouldering all the risk here because I am absolutely confident that this material will help you gain more control over your business and make you more money this year.

Get Started Today

There are two options right now. You don’t get the course right now and come around tax season, and it’ll be the same as every year. You give a portion of your hard-earned money away—much more than you have to. Or you can make the decision right now to finally gain control of the tax and legal side of your business, pay the smallest amount of taxes, and add valuable knowledge to your entrepreneurial skillset. Make the right decision. Whether or not you buy, you still pay. You can spend a small amount right now to learn tax & legal strategy & how to become a more effective business owner or continue paying excess taxes every year. The choice is yours.


How Often Are the Videos Updated? Whenever there is a change in tax and business law, the videos are updated so you can be sure you’re always getting the most competitive content and staying ahead of the trend.

How does the guarantee work again? You can try the course for a full 30 days, and if you don’t feel like it was one of the best decisions you ever made for your business, send us an email to receive a full refund. The 30- day money-back guarantee applies to complete payments or payment plans.

Will I be getting something shipped to me? No. For your convenience, the Tax & Legal Library is through an online membership on MarkJKohler.com. After your order, you’ll receive an email with login information with immediate access to the membership site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You’ll get lifetime access for just $399