Strategic Wealth Alliance Monthly LIVE Webinars

Welcome to the Strategic Wealth Alliance, a live, interactive, and personal ongoing monthly webinar training series.

Join Mark J Kohler monthly as he shares his knowledge, specialized notes, and tips on the variously changing tax and legal strategies that occur around us almost daily.

  • Understand the main sections of the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’
  • Learn the strategize to maximize the 20% Pass-thru Deduction
  • Better estimate your potential tax savings or cost in 2018


Some of the Topics Include the Following

  • The Hot Deductions: Dining, Travel, Electronics, and The Home Office
  • Scams and Legal Mistakes to Avoid in Business and Personal Lives
  • Health Care Strategy Updates and Money Saving Strategies
  • The Massive Benefits And How To’s For Self-Directed Retirement Plans
  • Year-End Tax Strategies that could SAVE you Thousands – December 2018!
  • Building Strategic Plans and Making More Money
  • Using Other People’s Money (OPM) and Bringing on Investors
  • Everything Rental Real Estate: Where to Invest and Strategies
  • How to Make Assets Disappear and Take Identities Off Grid
  • Building Corporate Credit & Improving Personal Scores
  • NEW Auto Deduction Loopholes for 2018
  • Self-Directed Retirement Plans: Basic – Advance Strategies

Get IMMEDIATE access to last 12 Recorded Webinars!


Mark takes the time to educate himself on the constant tax/legal updates and law changes and pass that information along to YOU. Everyday he helps clients to create their own game plan that is specific to their needs as well as the requirements of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The benefit of this monthly series, where for a small fee of around $20, is that you can be included in the live broadcasts that Mark holds on the various tax and legal strategies that can best help benefit you, your business, investments, provide you better asset protection, and overall save you as much money as possible. The series is also interactive, so you can ask questions of Mark and have your voice heard. You literally cannot get a better value for the price of a lunch!

Not only that but if you’re not getting the benefit you thought, you can cancel at any time. Tax and Legal don’t need to be confusing, start using them to YOUR advantage to save money today and start directing your OWN future!

  • #1 – Estate Planning Nightmares and How To Complete Your Perfect Plan / March 26th, 5pm PST
  • #2 – Auto Deduction Strategies every Business Owner needs to know to save Thousands / April 30th, 5pm PST
  • #3 – Strategic Planning And What It Takes To Succeed As A Business Owner In Today’s Economy / RECORDED April 30th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #4 – The Importance Of Understanding And Choosing The Right Entity For Your Company / RECORDED May 30th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #5 – Bringing it all together, Quick Books Basics, and the Pitfalls of Lazy Bookkeeping / RECORDED June 25th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #6 – (The Hot Deductions): How To Maximize Dining, Entertainment, Travel And The Home Office / RECORDED July 25th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #7 – Techniques And Examples Of How To Pay Different Family Members / RECORDED August 27th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #8 – ObamaCare / The Affordable Health Care Act and 2013 Changes!! / RECORDED September 26th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #9 – Asset Protection Wins and Nightmares for our Clients this Year / RECORDED October 29th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #10 – Year-End Tax Planning- Just in Time to save Thousands!! / RECORDED November 19th 2013, 6pm PST
  • #11 – The Massive Benefits And How To’s When It Comes To Self-Directed Retirement Plans / RECORDED December 31st 2013, 6pm PST
  • #12 – Saving Taxes when Selling Property or a Business / RECORDED January 28th, 2014 5pm PST
  • #13 – Everything Rental Real Estate – Tax, Asset Protection, & Investment Strategies / RECORDED February 27th, 5pm PST

“A Full Live Interactive Hour with Mark Kohler & Only Strategic Wealth Alliance Students!”

“The Webinar Series have been great! I would highly recommend it to friends.”

“Thanks for all the great information! Listened in for my business but quickly learned business and personal tax advantages. It will be great to go back and listen to any webinar a second time online.
Thanks for doing what you do!”

“I think the series was a wealth of info that I wish I could have attended live more often. For the discounted price the content far exceeded the nonsense that college would teach, and probably had the ability to pay back someone 10,000-fold over the course of their future decades of personal and business activities. How can a person turn down an investment like that?”

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the webinar series. It’s refreshing to find someone who doesn’t push a “one size fits all” solution for everyone. I benefited most from “How to avoid getting Ripped Off”, and “Mark Kohler Webinar- Why you should buy a rental every year”. I love your GEEKY ENTHUSIASM for helping people! You are a Hipster TAX NERD!”
Dave Meekhof

Here’s a recap on what you’ll be getting when you join the Strategic Wealth Alliance today:

  • LIVE monthly coaching call on Specific Topics
  • All Sessions recorded, so don’t worry if you miss one live! Recordings available 24/7 in membership site for future reference.
  • Get last 12 recorded Webinars IMMEDIATELY when joining. Start watching NOW!
  • Cancel and re-join at any time! No obligation or minimum registration required


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