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The Small Business Owners’ Fastest Way
To Get Started With QuickBooks — Guaranteed

Master The #1 Accounting Software In Record Time … And Enjoy It!

Quickbooks is the #1 accounting software for small businesses in the US, with up to 85% of the market currently using it. Although many small business owners own it, or know they need to, many don’t know where to start or how to maximize Quickbooks amazing features to help maximize its features to their benefit!

That’s Why I created QuickBooks Basics Training — an easy to follow, highly engaging video series aimed to help small business owners master the essentials of QuickBooks in the shortest amount of time possible.

I have years of experience as a CPA, Attorney, and small business owner, so I understand how busy things can be and how the valuable your time is. Sometimes you simply don’t have the hours to go through all the features, tips and tricks, and steps of understanding an essential (although not exciting) tool.

So I felt that it was absolutely essential for me to create a super compact course helping small business owners master Quickbooks as fast as possible!


icons1Learn It All In A Single Afternoon

I spent MULTIPLE weeks cutting out all the fat from the complete Quickbooks certification course (yes, I took it!) and compiled the key essentials into a 4 part video series called QuickBooks Basics Training! With my course you can get all the benefits of learning Quickbooks from a licensed CPA with a total time investment of only 4 hours, compare to 15+ hrs of content from other training courses!!


QuickBooks Basics Training
Comes In 18 Video Parts

  • Introduction
  • Part 1- Why Bookkeeping in the First Place?
  • Part 2- Why you should Love QuickBooks
  • Part 3- Managing my QuickBooks process
  • Part 4- Which QuickBooks Version Do I buy?
  • Part 5- Installing QuickBooks and Starting your Company
  • Part 6- Fine Tuning Your Chart of Accounts
  • Part 7- Accounting Basics
  • Part 8 – Contributions & Distributions
  • Part 9- Setting up Customers and Vendors
  • Part 10- Making Sales & Recording Deposits
  • Part 11- Creating Invoices and Accounts Receivable
  • Part 12- Booking Expenses and Writing Checks
  • Part 13- Reconciling and On-line Banking
  • Part 14 – Using Classes and Projects
  • Part 15 – Recording Assets Equipment & Rental Property
  • Part 16 – Generating Killer Reports
  • Conclusion


Recordings Of Private Q&A Webinars With Yours Truly, My Head Of Accounting, and The Initial Group Of QuickBooks Basics Training Customers

I also held a couple of private webinars for my current QuickBooks Basics Training students, where we discussed and taught even more details than in the course and answered a ton of questions. With your purchase, I’ll give you access to both of these recordings and the highlights and notes that come out of them! This means you’ll get even more screen sharing the action and accounting strategies with QuickBooks, and probably get a lot of your own questions answered in the process!


New Updates – Coming Soon

100% ‘Can’t Lose’ Guarantee

money-back-logoAs with any product I offer, I stand by it 100%. If you feel like QuickBooks Basics Training was not one of the best business resources you ever laid your eyes on, then simply send me an email within 30 days of receiving your order and I’ll promptly refund all your money. No questions asked. No matter the reason..


What People Say About Mark’s Training Programs…

“Mark’s sage advice to small business owners navigating tax planning is worth its weight in gold.”
CLATE MASK, CEO | INFUSIONSOFT (Inc. 500 Company 3 years In a Row)

“Mark is a very gifted and inspiring man. He has such an ability to connect with everyone he meets and teaches vast knowledge and skills to the common person. Since taking his tax and legal classes I have saved over $30 thousand with different tax incentives and have made even more knowing how to embrace the different tax and legal strategies. What I like best about Mark is that he operates with the highest of integrity, and I know that I am in great hands when he is assisting me.”

“Mark’s enthusiasm and passion for a topic usually associated with pain and grief is only matched by his expertise and ability to break down complex principles into simple actionable steps. This is a must-read for any business owner or entrepreneur.”

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