Personally Signed Books Designed to
Save you Money & Build Wealth!

What’s Inside?

Get 4 Amazing Books packed with Critical Money Saving topics & tips for your small business and personal life! Come in physical and digital versions:

  1. Lawyers are Liars (in Audio & PDF – out of Print!).Read More HERE
  2. What Your CPA Isnt Telling You (in Audio, PDF, & Print).Read More HERE
  3. The Self Directed IRA Handbook (in PDF & Print).Read More HERE
  4. The Tax & Legal Playbook (in Audio & Print. Read More HERE

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kkos-logo225x94The book material available has been created by the lead attorneys of Mark Kohler and Mat Sorensen at KKOS Lawyers and encompass various legal topics that can truly change your life! KKOS has been serving clients for over 15 years and we are known as the nation’s leading voice for entrepreneurs and small business owners, with our team having taught thousands of people how to take control of their own financial future and steer their business to success, through our powerful business, tax, and legal strategies! This is material you can’t afford to miss!

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