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2023 MJK Monthly Planner (Pre Order)

An all-in-one monthly planner to help small business owners, real estate investors, and tax or legal professionals keep track of deadlines, reach goals & increase productivity.


The all-in-one monthly planner built to contain your
  • Strategic plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Ten-year plan
  • AND track your habits and goals
This calendar also includes essential tax & legal deadlines, holidays, and events with Mark J. Kohler, such as MJK webinars dates, workshops, podcasts, and Facebook/YouTube Live events. This planner is a must-have for small business owners, real estate investors, & tax or legal professionals. Maintain deadlines, reach goals & increase productivity with the 2022 MJK monthly planner. Size is 8.5 x 11 75 Total Pages Wire spiral bound


Mark Kohler's tax program is the best in the industry! Everything you need to learn for small business and investment strategies can be found right here. Definitely a must!!
Darren Cherrington
Tax Attorney
Mark's trainings have been key in my professional development. The trainings help me apply "known" strategies in practical and useful ways for my clients. Mark's very global approach to teaching tax/business/estate planning helps me provide my clients with comprehensive strategies for growing, maintaining, and passing on their assets.
Alison Neff
Tax Attorney