How To Start A Business

Listen to invaluable legal and tax advice given by Best Selling author and CPA/Attorney Mark Kohler, all which are geared toward helping you succeed in your dreams of being your own boss- and live well while doing so!


The Tax & Legal Playbook

CPA and Attorney Mark J. Kohler answers the leading tax and legal questions facing small business owners, across all stages of business, and delivers a comprehensive playbook of clear-cut truths, thought-provoking advice, and underutilized solutions to save you time, money, and heartache.

What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You

Mark J. Kohler reveals powerful tax strategies and teaches taxpayers how to turn life’s biggest expense into a financial haven. Mark presents wage earners with applicable strategies.


Lawyers Are Liars

Lawyers are Liars “The Truth about Protecting Our Assets” Are all Lawyers Liars? Of course not! But some lawyers are, and others who are not lawyers use that charge to sell the unsuspecting public asset protection structures or strategies that are outright lies.

Strategic Wealth Alliance

Live Interactive Webinars!

Mark takes the time to educate himself on the constant tax/legal updates and law changes and pass that information along to YOU. An interactive live webinar series held each month personally with Mark to create your own game plan that is specific to  the requirements of small business owners and entrepreneurs.


strategic wealth alliance

Tax and Legal Workshop

Mark’s Annual Tax and Legal Workshops is the premier tax and legal workshop for small business owners and entrepreneurs. These workshops will provide you with the most up to date and effective strategies for saving the most on taxes this year, protect your assets from the unexpected lawsuit or scam, and amassing true wealth for yourself and your family. Made to save you $$$, these events cant be missed!

QuickBooks Basics Training

QuickBooks Basics Training — an easy to follow, highly engaging video series aimed to help small business owners master the essentials of QuickBooks in the shortest amount of time possible.


Tax & Legal Library

Tax & Legal Library is the most inclusive, comprehensive, and valuable tax and legal strategies video series you have ever laid eyes on!

We have designed it specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them pay the least amount of taxes this year, build an iron fortress over their hard earned assets, and truly maximize their profits and wealth.