Where to Set-up my Corporation or LLC

3 people gathering on a small wooden table planning a calendar

Choosing the State in which to set-up your corporation or LLC is actually a very straightforward decision. Don’t let someone talk you into setting up your new entity in Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming or Utah…just to name a few.

Avoiding problems with the IRS and the “Dirty Dozen”

avoiding problems with the IRS and dirty dozen

All of us want to save taxes, but at the same time stay out of trouble with the IRS. In fact, I would hope we would even have a higher standard of being honest and ethical in the manner in which we all report our income, deductions and file our tax returns. We live in […]

6 Ways to Protect Your Home From a Lawsuit

6 ways to protect your home from a lawsuit

For most of us, our home is our most valuable asset. As such, protecting your home from potential law suit is absolutely critical and overlooked by many homeowners. There are options!

Is My Pet a Tax Write-off?

is my pet a tax write-off?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a little help from Uncle Sam as well as a tax write-off for some of that pet food, vet bills, or even that big price tag at the breeder? Well, there might just be an option to save some taxes in the process.

Silent Partner – 3 SEC Compliant Ways to Bring One on

silent partner - 3 SEC compliant ways to bring one on

There comes a time in the lifespan of just about every business when the potential for substantial growth comes to fruition, and additional capital is necessary to make that growth happen. It’s at these moments you’ll probably start looking for people to invest in your business.