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Get four best-selling books packed with critical money-saving topics & tips for your small business and personal life! All written by Lead attorney and CPA, Mark Kohler, during his many years of experience of owning and running his successful law firm, KKOS Lawyers, and K&E Accounting Firm.

Mark Kohler’s literary works encompass various legal topics and financial advice that can truly change your life! The KKOS Lawyers and K&E Accounting Firm have been serving clients for over 15 years and are well known as the authoritative guides for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Mark and his team have taught thousands of people how to control their financial future and steer their business to success through competitive and robust tax and legal strategies!

You can’t afford to miss the material offered in these books!

  1. The Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom (Print) Read More HERE
  2. Tax & Legal Playbook The Game Has Changed (Print) Read More HERE
  3. What Your CPA Isn't Telling You (Print) Read More HERE
  4. The Self Directed IRA Handbook, Second Edition: An Authoritative Guide for Self Directed Retirement Plan Investors and Their Advisors (Print) Read More HERE
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