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become a better advisor for your clients!

Get Cutting Edge, Tax & Legal Services for your Business!

become a better advisor for your clients!

Get Cutting Edge, Tax & Legal Services for your Business!

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For Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Investors, and Tax or Legal Professionals

Become a better
Tax Advisor!

Become a better
Tax Advisor!

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Get the ongoing training and support you need to scale your business!

Be on the cutting-edge of powerful and practical tax strategies that the average business owner can implement.

Increase your billing rates and create more value for your clients by becoming a Main Street Certified Tax Advisor!

What you'll gain as a:
Main Street Certified
Tax Advisor!

Main Street Tax Pro Program FAQs

Can I move through the Certification Program at my own speed?

Yes. Members can move through the Modules and Exams at their own pace. It's administered through a proprietary Learning Management Software (LMS) and system that will track your progress and allow you to move through the program as slowly or as quickly as you desire.

Do I really have to take a test for each Section and a Final for each Module?

Yes. But please realize the questions are NOT going to be that difficult. Also, embrace this part of the program! This is what legitimizes the program and makes it stand out compared to any of my competitors in the industry. Think about it…how can a program provide “Certification” if there isn’t accountability, a test, a baseline level of standard, and common knowledge among those in the program.


You’re getting are REAL Certificate and the ‘CTA’ designation behind your name. You can tell people you took almost 900 exam questions to get it!! (again, they aren’t going to be that difficult- hang in there).

How do the Group Forum and Discussion Pages operate?

There will be a main Group Forum page for Members to collaborate and post questions and responses to one another on tough topics or situations they may be facing. There will ALSO be a Discussion Page for every Section in the Modules where Members can provide additional thoughts, ideas, and strategies enhancing and building upon my video and White Paper for that section/topic.

What takes place on the Weekly Group Training Calls?

The format for the Weekly Training Calls will be a Zoom meeting and begin with Mark leading a discussion on a topic from one of the Modules.


Next, Mark may cover some practical insights and training in regard to consulting, billing, and client management.


Then, Mark and other Advisory Board Members will field some Q&A from the Members at large and not only allow, but encourage others to comment and provide additional guidance or thoughts on the topics. Mark plans to keep the open discussion format as long as possible if he can maintain order and professionalism in the group.


Mark will also keep the calls to a reasonable group size and add additional training calls during the week due to class size if necessary. 


Finally, the Weekly Training call will be held on different days and times from time to time in order to help those Members attend Live who may have a standing conflict.


Nonetheless, every training call will be recorded and in the vault for Members to watch later or again, and again, as the case may be.

What’s the difference between the Certification and the Monthly Membership Fee and Ongoing Benefits?

Some have asked if Members are required to pay the monthly fee, or can they simply pay 'to get certified' and not participate monthly avoiding any ongoing costs.


The answer is Members are not required to pay the monthly fee to get Certified and receive the CTA designation as a stand-alone product. However, it is highly recommended Members stay on the monthly program until they are at least fully Certified.


The 7 major reasons, among others, are as follows:

  1. Weekly group training call enhancing the module training and getting technical answers to questions you might have encountered during the training
  2. Participating in the Group Forum and Discussion Pages, thus being able to throw out questions and comments to the group on countless topics that may arise in your practice.
  3. Having your name and/or firm listed on the MJK Certified Tax Pro Network.
  4. Monthly group coaching calls on scaling, money mindset, business building, and success.
  5. Virtual access to the 2 Semi-Annual 3-day Tax and Legal Strategy Conferences, and a deep discount on the in-person rate.
  6. Deep Discounts to attend any of the Summit trainings throughout the year (Real Estate Tax Summit, Self-Directed IRA Summit, and the Alternative Asset Investor Summit)
  7. Finally, the real goal is to become an "Advisor" and learning how to advise can be tricky. Associating with other Advisors and watching Mark do examples of practical consultations and teach on the topic will truly put 'meat on the bones' when it comes to learning how to conduct a masterful consultation.

Can I cancel the Monthly Membership?

Yes. You can cancel at any time. If none of the reasons listed in the proceeding FAQ are reason enough to stay on the Program, you can cancel your membership and we hope to have you back again soon. Keep in mind that your payment is an auto debit at the beginning of each month from your bank account for the preceding month, so just make sure to cancel before the beginning of next month so you don’t end up paying for another month when you don’t want to participate or need the service.

Do you have a payment plan option for the Initial Fee?

We have created a 6-month Payment Plan option for the Initial Fee. This financing option will be provided through our own payment system, or through a third party, but you will still be obligated for the full amount as if you purchased the Main Street Tax Pro Program outright.


Nonetheless, the Refund Policy will still apply and if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days, you may be entitled to a full refund. During this initial 'Pre-Launch Phase' the Payment Plan would consist of $749 a month for the initial fee and the first month's fee of $300 would not start until February 1st. If you are interested in this option, please call the office to speak with one of our Sales Team Members.

Do you have a Refund Policy for the Initial Fee or Monthly Membership Fee?

Yes. There are different aspects to it as follow:

7-Day No Questions Asked. The Initial Fee can be completely Refunded with no questions asked in the first 7 days after sign-up. If you get into the software system and website and test drive the Program by watching some of the videos, or reviewing exam questions, and/or participating in a training call and still don’t see the benefit, or simply don’t take any action at all and still want your money back... We’ll give you a full refund. No strings attached.


30-Day Limited Refund. If you cancel at any time after the 7-day refund period, and up to 30 days after signing up. Up to thirty percent (30%) of the initial fee can be refunded. The reason for this limited refund is that the Program is designed so it can be consumed and utilized immediately and in full without restriction.


30-Day Free Trial. Every Member receives the first month of the Program with full access as a free trial before they are charged the Monthly Fee. Thus, there is no need for an immediate refund and a Member can cancel their membership at any time (see the Cancelation Policy for the monthly fee above).

Does this Certification Program provide CE hours and how many?

The amount of continuing education hours (CE credits) available through the Certification program will vary based on the involvement of the Member/Trainee, their professional designation, and their state jurisdiction.


Conceivably there could be over 96 hours of CE (80-course sections, and a semi-annual 2-day workshop). Not to mention weekly Live trainings and other Summit Events. But some jurisdictions and designations require attendance in person in order to qualify for hours, others don’t. Some states will simply allow for self-study. Bottom line, Mark Kohler will provide written and signed certificates upon completion of the program and verification of attendance at live events online or in person if needed. Moreover, we will provide all course materials and outlines for Members and their regulatory bodies upon request. Our goal is to get you as many CE hours you may need every year you’re a part of the Program. 

Is there a regulatory body that stands behind the Certification?

The Main Street Tax Pro Program and the Certified Tax Advisor (CTA) accreditation is provided by a private party/organization; principally that of Mark J Kohler, CPA, JD, PC. There currently isn’t an officially recognized Association for the training or designation of Certified Tax Advisors across the country. However, the scope of the video content, exams, and support material with legal citations is more comprehensive and well beyond any other private company or training program currently available in the U.S.

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