What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You

Life Changing Tax Strategies

Simplified through the mastery of storytelling, Mark J. Kohler reveals powerful tax strategies and teaches taxpayers how to turn life’s biggest expense into a financial haven.

Mark presents wage earners with applicable strategies beyond writing off mortgage interest and contributing more to their IRA. Throughout the story of a typical family, taxpayers discover the undeniable benefit of owning a side/or small business, how hiring their spouse and children can help their bottom line, the financial windfall that comes with owning rental real estate, and the secret success behind self directing their retirement plan, which is something 9 out of 10 CPAs don’t know or even talk about!

Small business owners uncover new avenues for adding to their bottom line including how to save on health care and legitimate bookkeeping techniques that can put thousands back in their pocket—all illustrated through checklists, charts and templates available in the additional resources toolkit provided by Mark.

Through this enlightening tale, wage earners and small business owners learn how to integrate Mark’s powerful tax principles into their everyday life, ridding themselves of the tax burden, and opening themselves up to achieving the American Dream, financial security.

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What people are saying…

“Mark’s book offers outstanding tax strategies that will help you bring your American Dream to life! I loved it!”
Krista Bloom, Ph.D. Author of the Ultimate Compatibility Quiz

“It is about time someone brought the benefits of tax planning to the masses. That is what Mark has achieved in this book.”
Dermot Berkery, Author of Raising Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur

“Mark brought tax planning to life in a story line we can all relate to personally!”
Lori Mackey, Award Winning Author, CEO of Prosperity4Kids, Inc.

“This book changed the way I saw my taxes and my financial future.”
Woody Woodward, Film-maker, Author, Success Strategist

“Mark is providing what people are craving, money saving strategies and concepts in an easy to read, story-telling format”
Tim Higgins, Author, Paying For College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement

“Mark is a brilliant writer who’s uncanny ability to weave educational principles into engaging stories has made him one of my favorite authors. This book is a must read for anyone interested in saving or making money. I have recommended it to all of our staff and customers alike.”
Bob Snyder, CEO, Renatus,LLC